Carpet Cleaning in Bath

We offer a dry carpet cleaning system called Host, it is the environmentally preferred cleaning system that reduces dust mites and mould, leaving your carpets looking clean and fresh every day.  It has been awarded the Green Seal Award, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.
How does it work?
Millions of absorbent organic sponges which are slightly moist are brushed by the cleaning machine up, down, over and around the carpet fibres, breaking down the oil bond and dissolving the dirt.  As the brushing continues the sponges wipe the dissolved soil away from the carpet fibres which are then removed by vacuuming.
The carpets do not resoil quickly as there is no sticky residue left in the carpet to attract dirt and the carpet is left clean and dry.  Any sponges that remain in the carpet are 100% organic,  they fall to the base of the carpet and carry on working until vacuumed next time.  Quite often our customers say that the carpets look even better days after!!

The advantages dry carpet cleaning

The advantages of this system is there is no drying time, so the carpets can be walked on immediately.  This is invaluable not only in domestic situations but also in areas that need constant access, ie, hotels, office accommodation, student lets etc etc.

We can also offer a solution to moth infestation, after  deep vacuuming and cleaning we can spray the infested areas and then carry out a follow up visit in 30 days.

Carpet cleaning Bath