Carpets Bath

We supply and fit Twist, Berber, Saxony, Velvet, Woven and Natural floor-coverings for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Twist carpet   –  Wool or man-made

80% Wool Twist  –  This has the softness of wool combined with the strength of nylon creating a perfect carpet yarn. Available in different weights to suit all areas of the home.

Be aware that wool is a protein and makes excellent nutrition for moths, so if you live in an area that is prone to moth infestation then look for carpets that have inbuilt moth protection  in the manufacturing process or consider man-made carpets.

Man-Made Twists or Loops  –  Manufacturing technology has drastically improved over the past 20 years and now most man-made Twists are guaranteed to be stain resistant ( even bleach cleanable ).  Nylon fibres included in the manufacturing process resist flattening and new fibres are rivalling the softness of wool, making it generally a cheaper option.

Saxony Carpets  –  This carpet has an elegant appearance, achieved by the carpet been woven into loops which are then sheared off leaving a carpet with an even tufted surface, with a long pile and a plush feel.  It can be prone to indentation marks.

Velvets  –  Straighter than twisted yarn , with cut ends at the top giving a soft velvety surface.  Very elegant but can show pile reversal and footmarks.

Berber  –  Traditional berbers were made from natural colour wools but nowadays they can be manufactured in different colourways, and can give a heather homespun appearance and a textured feel.

Naturals – Creating cool contemporary floorcoverings for all areas of the home, inspiring and creative.

Coir  –  Originates  from Indian Coconut husk fibres softened in sea water

Jute – Hand  harvested from tillaceae plant

Seabrass – Originates from the coastal meadows on the banks of Vietnamese rivers

Sisal  –  Grown in plantations in the Caribbean, Brazil and Africa

Woven  –  A traditional process where the pile and backing yarns are woven together.  Both Wilton and  Axmister Carpets are woven

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Unique Carpet Cleaning

We offer the HOST dry extraction carpet cleaning system, which is:
A low cost method
Fast, easy and convenient
Recommended by carpet mills worldwide

Flooring Accessories

We supply a huge range of different types of carpet accessories.  U/lays can be ordered to your own requirements. Suitable for Underfloor Heating or sound proofing qualities. Cheaper grades for bedrooms if required and even contract rated crumb rubber for living areas if required.  Standard u/lay is usually Cloud 9 Cirrus or equivalent.  We can prepare the subfloor  if required either using a latex screed on concrete or hardboard over an existing uneven wooden floor.
We supply and fit Ali or Anodised Door metals or if you prefer we can supply wooden threshold strips
Entrance Matting is available in an assortment of colours and designs.